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How to Choose a Family Friendly Caribbean Cruise Ship

It used to be that cruising was done primarily by couples and a few singles, but today, the family has gotten hip to the fun of this vacation mode. The cruise industry has jumped onboard (so to speak!) the demand for family cruise vacations by offering many family friendly amenities to attract this whole new demographic. However, some companies have been quicker to develop family friendly ships than others. If you are looking for a Caribbean cruise ship that will satisfy everyone in your clan, read on for tips on finding the best family friendly Caribbean cruise ship for you.


Children's Programs

A Caribbean cruise ship that is designed with families in mind will have an extensive children's program for all ages that offers a wide variety of activities. This is one of the first criteria that families should look at when choosing a cruise vacation, since the number of children's activities aboard a Caribbean cruise ship will offer pretty good insight into how much priority a particular cruise line will place on the youngest travelers. Ask if the complete program runs on all voyages, how they handle infants and toddlers on the ship, and if extended babysitting hours are offered. Check the website for more complete information about the programs available and the photos of the children's areas to see if they look stimulating and safe for your kids.

Dining Options

Most parents with youngsters will not want to tow those little ones along to stuffy dining rooms with gourmet fare every evening, so find out if the Caribbean cruise ship offers alternative dining arrangements for families. These might include eating in the buffet restaurant on formal nights, or letting the kids eat with the youth directors for an evening so Mom and Dad can enjoy a posh, grownup meal for two. It is also a good idea to peruse the children's menu and alternative dining options to ensure that there will be plenty of delectable fare fit for kids on the Caribbean cruise ship you choose.


Child-Friendly Activities

When the family wants to spend quality time together, does the Caribbean cruise ship offer activities and entertainment that the entire group can enjoy? Many ships today, like the Royal Caribbean cruise ships, have choices like rock walls, miniature golf and arcades that will appeal to all ages. There is also entertainment available on some Caribbean cruise ships that everyone can enjoy together. Another consideration will be the excursions that the Caribbean cruise ship offers at its ports of call. If there are plenty of beach days and aquarium visits available, you know that particular cruise line is thinking about the kids and the adults alike.

Cruising with kids can be a wonderful way to spend a vacation together, as long as you choose a Caribbean cruise ship that is geared toward family cruises. With these tips, you can rest assured that your Caribbean vacation will be one that the whole clan will love.