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Is Caribbean Cruise Line Employment Right for You?

For those who love to travel to different destinations and meet new people, Caribbean cruise line employment may seem like the perfect career choice. However, working on a cruise ship is much different than most other jobs you might consider. There is significant time away from home, the hours are long and hard and the constant motion of the ship and cramped quarters do not appeal to everyone. While not everyone is cut out for Caribbean cruise line employment, there are many others who find working onboard one of these luxury liners the job of their dreams. If you are considering a career in the cruise industry, specifically on a Caribbean cruise ship, read on for basic facts about working on the open seas.


Types of Jobs Available

The good news in Caribbean cruise line employment is that there are many, many ships that sail to this destination every single day. That means plenty of jobs available for those that are pursuing them. In addition to the turnover that is commonplace in almost any industry, many companies are bringing new ships into their fleets all the time. This means hundreds of new opportunities in Caribbean cruise line employment all the time. The jobs are diverse; ranging from working retail in a ship gift shop to giving massages in the ship's spa. Hotel staff is needed, with front desk customer service representatives and room stewards. Because ships provide plenty of entertainment for passengers, there is also a need for entertainers of all kinds as well as technical staff to bring those shows to life.


Finding the Jobs

There are many resources to help you find Caribbean cruise line employment, but there are a few red flags to be aware of as well. Some websites offering positions in the industry will ask for a fee to sign up for their service. Others are rather unscrupulous in their dealing both with cruise companies and prospective applicants. Do your research so you know who you are working with, and never feel that you have to pay for a source of Caribbean cruise line employment. You can also check with the individual cruise companies that will post employment opportunities right on their websites.

Caribbean cruise line employment allows you to see tropical ports of call and meet new people every day. Most of these jobs will come with a six month contract, meaning you will be on the ship for a full six months before taking time off. Room and board is included, and you may also get discounts on cruise vacations for your family members. The rare time off you get while onboard your ship can be spent enjoying the entertainment the cruise line offers or visiting one of the many Caribbean ports of call. Caribbean cruise line employment offers fun and adventure to those who are up to the task.