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    Samsung 510N Printer’s – Colorful Printing In A Budget Friendly Package

    By CruiseDirector | February 26, 2010

    The Samsung CLP 510n printer using Samsung CLP 510n toner is yet another winner for Samsung’s series of color laser prints. It follows in the footsteps of CLP-510s, but with extra speed, a faster processor and some minor hardware changes that have created an improved product.  

    Make no mistake that this printer is aimed at business. Probably for small to medium business that do not want to have to walk down to the printer shop every time a brochure needs to be made. As long as you are not expecting perfect photo quality you will love this beast.

    Because a beast it is. To give you an idea, the box it comes in weighs around 88 pounds.  It comes with four toners, basic cables and a manual.

    What are the changes? Samsung has improved the speed of printing and upgraded the processing chip. Page per minute printing performance has jumped from 21 ppm to 25 in mono and from 5 to 7 in color. This is a significant improvement that impatient office workers will appreciate. The increase in printing speed is also felt when duplexing, which is a few seconds faster both in black and white and color. In case you were wondering what duplexing is, it is double-sided printing.  If like me you like to save money and time and had trouble flipping and turning the pages to get it to work properly, you will appreciate this.

    The other big change from the previous models is its chip. The PowerPC processor of previous models has been changed to a Samsung SPGPm processor. However, the previous models could hold nearly twice the amount of RAM and were one decibel quieter. The change in the price tag had to be felt somewhere I guess. It is worth remembering that this printer only costs $120.

    The image quality is another selling point for the CLP 510n. It will not print photo perfect pictures, but it comes mighty close and is likely to surpass your expectations in an office printer. This is probably even a good thing if it is your business as there is less of a chance your employees are going to be printing their holiday snapshots on your paper and ink.

    The big point is the price. As mentioned above, many customers might feel it is pricey, but that is because they are comparing it with home use black and white laser printers. For a color printer it is cheap. You will also make savings in the cartridge maintenance with cheaper than normal prices that run around $100 and $120 for mono and full color toners.

    Samsung has made a great all rounder with the Samsung CLP 510N printer. It is fast, both in printing and for data transfer, it has great resolution, and with features generally reserved to more expensive printers. The only disadvantage I can find, and it is unfair to even expect it, is the fact the printing of photographs is not completely picture perfect.

    Everything else printed is perfect, however, largely due to the Samsung CLP 510N replacement toner used by this machine.  Samsung Toner Cartridge always tops the charts in performance.  Great cartridges shows on the printed page and that is a large part of the face of your business.

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